Gaia’s Garden by Toby Hemenway

Our View This is a fantastic book for understanding Ecological Design and is entertaining in the way it is written. Having said this, it is focused on temperate climate ecosystems, which gives it limited applicability in Singapore. We really struggle to find books and research on tropical climate permaculture, which is why we decided to […]

Move beyond gardens to truly engage with your ecosystem

In permaculture, we believe that people are a keystone species – an ecological term for a species that has a massive impact on its ecosystem either positive or negative. Ecosystems are about the relationships between different lifeforms, and at their core, they are often about who eats who or what. They are about food chains. […]

Vermi-composting at home with a worm tower

There are many different ways to compost, from a large pile to a worm farm or tower, from bokayashi scrap burying to chickens. What almost everyone who works in biology agrees on is that the quality of your soil makes a huge different. The food pyramid starts with the microbiology of your soil. When we […]

Designing for complexity with the 3 ethics and 12 principles of permaculture

What is Permaculture? “Permaculture” is condensed form of “Permanent Agriculture”. It a system, codified for the modern world, that captures indigenous knowledge about how to live as a keystone species from the land. A keystone species is one that helps to hold the ecological system together. In essence, humankind has the power to regenerate the […]

Creating habitat for dragonflies in your garden

Why should we create dragonfly habitat? Dragonflies are natural predators for mosquitoes, along with other creatures like fish and frogs. If we can create spaces for them in our garden they can keep the mosquito population down so we can enjoy our outdoor spaces. They are also very beautiful and peaceful companions. Understanding dragonfly behaviour […]

Cooking Welsh cakes on an open fire

What are Welsh cakes? Welsh cakes are a traditional grilled scone from Wales in the UK. The dough is like soft cake dough, it is then gently cut with cookie cutter, and grilled on a skillet with oil for 3-4 mins on each side. I have also made it work well for outdoor cooking by […]

Breeding ducklings in your backyard

Why breed ducklings? Duck eggs are frankly delicious and very hard to get in Singapore. This is because most of Singapore’s eggs are factory farmed, and ducks become too depressed to lay eggs in a factory farm environment (chickens also get depressed, but can still lay). Ducks lay more eggs than chickens, and the eggs […]